30 Nov Make your home unique with custom-made AALTO Exclusive Furniture

Express yourself with custom-made furniture, because your house reflects who you are. Your style of furniture shows your taste and level of sophistication.


We live in a society where as consumers, we are constantly bombarded by the media with must-have products. We are easily swayed by trends. As such, we sometimes run the risk of losing our sense of individuality. This is often reflected in our houses. The furniture we buy is usually just a replica of what we see in other people’s houses. It is therefore sometimes difficult for those who like to break the mould to find furniture pieces that are unique and inspiring. The best way to achieve a unique and individual look in your home is to get custom-made furniture, specifically crafted to suit your originality.

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We create your individual style


Our AALTO Exclusive Furniture bespoke furniture service allows you to be as adventurous as you want when decorating your home.

Our team of in-house designers takes pride in creating beautifully crafted furniture made exactly to your specifications and with your choice of the finest materials available.

We will work with you to find a concept to reflect your style and personality. This means that all your furniture will have your personal signature look.

Our finest materials combined with an exclusive design of your choice and the expert craftsmanship of our team, are the perfect ingredients to produce innovative purpose-built furniture pieces that will cause awe and admiration.

Prepare your design ideas


It is important to do some planning beforehand. Before you embark on the project, you should think about the style or the theme of the room, colours and materials you might prefer. The next step is to decide on the specific pieces you will need, and, finally, you will need to take measurements and have a clear idea of the size and height of each furniture piece.

It might also be a good idea to take photos of the room and write down its dimensions so you can bring all this information with you when you come to see our designers.


Allow us to guide you


If you are not sure what style or materials you should go for, don’t worry. Our team of experts have many years of experience. This makes us well equipped to give you professional advice so you can make informed decisions.

If you can’t find the furniture you are looking for and want to furnish your home with top-quality furniture, custom made especially for you, then give us a call. We recommend the ideal materials, colours and styles to make your home truly what you want it to be. 

Draw from our expertise


At AALTO Exclusive Furniture, we believe in the union of design and craftsmanship. Our designers have created a number of avant-garde and timeless furniture pieces, using only high quality material.

We create our furnishings in our own factory, which is equipped with the latest technology.

Our AALTO Exclusive Furniture team consists of highly qualified designers and craftsmen with long experience in the field.

Designer sideboard with decorative vases

The advantages of custom-made furniture


As a person craving for individuality, the best way to express yourself in your own home is through furniture specifically designed to your unique taste. Every piece is unique and adapted to your practical use as well as your style.

We will create your dream furniture according to your choice of material, build structure, fittings and dimension. You choose the number of drawers or doors on your furniture to make it exclusively you.