AALTO Exclusive Design has its factory in the province of Málaga, with a long tradition of producing high-quality furniture. The factory, which has manufactured furniture for luxury furniture brands for over 20 years, is now dedicated to the Aalto Exclusive Furniture collection and to high level projects.


At AALTO Exclusive Design we only use the best quality materials and finishes for our collection pieces. The wooden panels are hand selected from the best European sawmills and shipped to our factory where our master artisans use their learned skills and the most avant-garde technology to produce masterpieces steeped in style and craftsmanship.


To ensure perfection, all of our pieces are put through the strictest quality control tests before they are released for delivery.


The material you choose for your furniture as well as the style, defines the character of your home, and it also determines the durability of your interior ambience. The higher the quality of your furniture, the longer it will last and make your home look sophisticated and elegant. That’s why at AALTO Exclusive Design we put quality and style first to ensure that each piece we create has its own character.