30 May High Ceilings Decorating Ideas in Spain

Spanish architecture is well known for its high ceilings. They add more character to your home and are a real playground for those who love interior design.



Decorating high ceilings can often be labeled as problematic as it requires different decorating strategies. Although it is true that it needs a little higher dose of creativity, it is neither more difficult, nor more challenging than decorating common-size rooms. After all, home space is a gift, no matter how one wants to look at it and decorating it should be an act of pure joy and delight.

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Understand Proportions

The good thing about having high ceilings is that you have plenty of room to experiment with. When you first begin decorating high ceilings interior you need to have a clear understanding of the room’s proportions. It is required that you divide its walls into “three equal parts” going from top to bottom where the top part can be used for panelling, the second part (the middle one) for paintings and photographs at the one at the bottom should be left for furniture pieces.

Decorating a room according to those 3-level proportions will diminish its grand attitude.

Bring Homelike Feeling


High ceilings can sometimes feel intimidating and overwhelming. One way this mass of space can be diminished is through the introduction of lighting, which often brings a special and cosy vibe in the room. Lighting is important as lighting can make a bold statement in your room.

If you would like to keep your room elegant and classy you can put a beautiful chandelier over an oversized table in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Modern interior design also allows lighting spots, which give a little less extravagant feel. If you have an open plan area, lighting can help you divide areas between lounge and dining space.


Be Bold With Art and Colours


You finally have all the space you need to decorate your walls with all the big art pieces you always wanted to get but could never fit into your home.

Do not be shy when choosing sizes of painting or photographs for your walls. The “oversized” pieces will help to ground the room. In fact, oversized pieces are a must. Art adds elegance and style and it is an ultimate expression of your creativity. Always place your paintings at an eye level.

At AALTO Exclusive Furniture, wherever we can, we like to add a colourful touch to either one of the walls of the house or through adding an eccentric piece of furniture that has a bold and brave colour. The typical Spanish colours, which are used to accentuate character are yellow, red and blue and they can also be added to terracotta floors.

Expose Wooden Ceiling Beams


Wooden ceiling beams are very popular in Spanish homes. They add character and style and have a natural, rustic appeal, especially when combined with dark woods, white or sand coloured walls and brown tile flooring.   Through introducing wooden beams you will be able to reduce the scale of a tall interior making the room more cosy and pleasant.

Some go as far as introducing the wooden beam to create the feeling of warmth and coziness. Another advantage of such ceiling is that it perfectly matches the contemporary style decoration.


Turn negative into positive


Decorating your tall walls can be easier than you think, especially if you use the seemingly negative aspects to positive ones.

If you are still confused how to best decorate your high ceiling home the Aalto Exclusive Furniture team would be delighted to vent their creativity and show you some incredible and innovative ideas. Before you know it, you will forget what the problem was and will be filled with amazement.

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