30 Sep Exclusive oversized furniture in Spain at Aalto

Finding furniture to suit a particular style can be hard enough but finding quality oversized furniture suitable for large spaces can be even harder.


But is this assumption correct?

It would seem not anymore as AALTO Exclusive Furniture specialises in manufacturing bespoke furniture of varying sizes and dimensions. Our team of designers will work with you to create specific sizes of furniture to match your specifications and desires.

A single piece of furniture can be the focal point in a large room and create a lasting impression. To achieve a sense of balance, especially in large spaces, you might need to buy furniture that is larger than the norm. AALTO Exclusive Furniture designs and crafts quality furniture specifically designed and tailored for large areas such as hotel foyers, corporate reception areas, conference rooms, etc. We can cater for any style and we take pride in creating furniture that is durable and unique.


Large single piece tables for interiors and dining

Imagine a beautiful large table for a hall, reception area, dining hall, conference room or other large space which is stable, heavy duty and will last multiple lifetimes. These are the types of furniture that Aalto furniture specialise in together with stylish design, high quality materials and excellent durability. Our in-house team lead by our prestigious designer Jose Flores has developed a range of unique processes for the creation of large tables and oversized cupboards that combine strength and structural integrity but are stylishly created with fewer supports to create unique and impressive showpiece furniture. Fewer seams, fewer joints and large dimensions are some of the ingredients used to produce our exclusive line of oversized furniture also characterised by its hard wearing materials and excellent finish. If you are looking for large cupboards, tables and other oversized furniture, talk to Aalto today (contact page).

Furniture that is large and beautiful should be built to last generations as it is usually a key component in creating the signature look that distinguishes your establishment or home from the rest.

Generations will remember the beautifully crafted large dining tables they dined at, the pleasant atmosphere and the happy and nostalgic moments.


At AALTO Exclusive Furniture, we build oversized furniture the same way we build all our products…. to last. The added benefit of purchasing our high quality furniture is that you will reap the benefits of your investment for years to come as you won’t have to replace it anytime soon and maintenance is also minimal, thus reducing costs over the longer term.


Large and oversized tables in a number of finishes


A good indicator of quality wood is its finish, as this enhances the overall appearance of the piece of furniture. Other materials such as metal or aluminium should also exhibit a polished look free from scratches, bubbles or rough spots.


At AALTO Exclusive Furniture we work hard to ensure that we follow strict quality control processes, so all our furniture is made with the best materials available and with the utmost care and dedication.


We love designing furniture that is unique, stylish and innovative.
If you are looking for large furniture pieces, please talk to us about your requirements and our delivery options. We can ship worldwide and within Europe, or if you prefer you can visit our showroom in Spain.

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