30 Jan Durable furniture for the hotel industry in Spain

Style, ambiance and excellent customer service are the key ingredients to achieve excellence and to stand out from the crowd.

As a hotel owner, you know that in a highly competitive market, it is not always easy to get everything right first time. You want to buy high quality, durable furniture for your hotel, but you also need to consider other factors, such as cost effectiveness and durability.

You might even be wondering if you should sacrifice quality over price.

These cost cutting practices can, however, be quite costly in the long term. Besides the financial burden, having to regularly update furniture can also create a number of problems such as not being able to find the right furniture to match existing décor, or having to completely redecorate an area or room in your hotel.

It is, therefore, vital to buy furniture that meets two essential criteria:

Furniture that is built to high standards

Furniture that is long lasting.

At AALTO Exclusive Furniture we provide furniture that is not only stylish and unique but furniture that has also been designed with quality and durability in mind. We take great care in using the highest quality materials available and this means that all our products are highly durable, resulting in cost savings over the long term.

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The most durable materials

No other material is quite the same as wood. Furniture made of solid wood is durable, comfortable and timeless. Unpainted wood will be treated to preserve its colour and make it more resistant to scratches and long term wear. Our skilled AALTO Exclusive Furniture craftsmen use painted, coated, sandblasted or lacquered wood, in order to give the furniture a highly sophisticated look and create easy to clean and long lasting furniture. Many of our wood treatments we have developed exclusively to create the highest possible combination of finish and durability.

Wood is always in fashion and it is used in classic as well as modern styles. It gives your hotel a touch of elegance. Wooden furniture lasts many years and is often passed on from generation to generation. To achieve different design effects, different types of wood can be used. Being a versatile material, wood can be designed as a practical or a highly artistic piece.

We also like to combine wood with aluminium, because aluminium is a material which can be used for extraordinary designs and effects and is well known for its durability. One of the most attractive features of aluminium in furniture is the in the intricate designs that it allows our craftsmen to create. There is also a range of exclusive stone and marble finishes designed for strength and low maintenance. These are some of the hardest wearing and most durable furniture items available.

How can furniture improve the image of your hotel?

Once you have a clear idea of the image you want to convey and you have identified your target market, it is time to think about styling and decorating your hotel accordingly. Choosing the right furniture to match the overall theme of your hotel is key.

Within the AALTO Exclusive Furniture range you will find an ample variety of durable tables and wall units which will suit a wide range of different styles and will add that extra touch of elegance.

How long can you expect your hotel furniture to last?

The frequency with which hotel furniture needs to be replaced depends on the life span of the material as well as the durability factor that is built into the design.

If you buy furniture that conforms to a particular fashion, it might look outdated after only a few years.

The furniture we craft in AALTO Exclusive Furniture is made out of very durable wood and aluminium, and it is designed to look sophisticated, elegant and timeless.

We want to ensure, that our customers will be able to enjoy the use of our products for a long time.

Solid wood furniture is made to last several generations, particularly if it is coated. Natural wood without coating has to be specially treated on a regular basis to maintain its beauty and stay clean.

To make our beautifully designed furniture last the test of time, at Aalto we take particular care to coat and treat materials to the highest standards.

Aluminium, a material often used in high tech vehicles, has a reputation for its durability because it does not need any treatment and it does not rust. Our furniture made from solid wood and/or aluminium will last for a very long time. This unique range of stylish and durable furniture will add sophistication and elegance to your hotel and also save time and money over the long term.


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