30 Nov Creating luxury with living room furniture to die for

The living room is that special place where family members gather or where friends spend some quality time, it is therefore vital to consider some important factors before you embark on the task of decorating your living room and selecting living room furniture.



The time you usually spend in a living room should determine the extent of the effort you make in creating a pleasant environment where style, comfort and functionality combine. First of all, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style.

The idea that it is impossible to have beautifully crafted pieces of furniture that ooze style and sophistication whilst at the same time offering functionality and comfort, is simply a misconception. At AALTO Exclusive Furniture, we have a wide range of luxury furniture that is both beautiful and functional. A second aspect to consider when styling your living room is durability. This is quite important since your living room will probably experience a lot of use. For this reason, it is worth investing more money in higher quality furniture and floor furnishings that are highly durable and that will not need constant repair, refurbishing and cleaning.

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How to make your living room enticing

Make a visual statement with designer furniture. High quality, sophisticated designer furniture for the living room immediately raises the bar on your living space. Both you and your guests will immediately feel the improved ambiance and subtle (and sometimes, not-so-subtle) sophistication level that furniture crafted to the highest quality standards and designed by masters of interior design will have on your living room. By selecting furniture that is hard-wearing, comfortable and also eye catching and conversation provoking, you’ll create a space you and your family will love to frequent, meet in and enjoy every day. The design of your living room can set the feel for your entire home so it is important to look at the whole picture and choose furniture and accessories that match the overall styling of your house.

Display your personal items

When accessorising your living room, do not be afraid to add your family portraits, favourite paintings or to customise your furniture in a way that reflects your personality and taste. After all, a house seldom feels like a home unless you imprint your personality on it.

The effect of a centrepiece.

A beautiful room can be enhanced by having a focal point where your eyes are immediately drawn as soon as you enter the room. If you fail to include a focal point, your room might feel like a mix of decorating items lacking identity and each competing with the next for attention. Beautifully designed furniture can be used as a focal point in your living room. Classic styles tend to place sofas or seats along walls, creating an empty space in the centre of the room. Alternatively, you can place your seating furniture in the middle of the room to add more visual impact whilst creating, at the same time, a more intimate conversational area. Depending on the shape of the room you might also benefit from using angles and secluded spots to place specific furniture or you can position some pieces on the diagonal to create a more adventurous look. At AALTO Exclusive Furniture, we can offer you top of the range furniture pieces that would make the perfect focal point for your living room. We can also design and manufacture bespoke furniture to suit your taste and needs.



Light, whether natural or artificial, is key in creating the right ambiance for your living room. It is always a good idea to surround your living areas with large windows or floor-to-ceiling glass French doors that will absorb as much daylight as possible. Artificial light is also important and careful consideration should be given when placing lamps or lightning accessories in the room. For instance, a centrepiece should be placed in a well-lit area.


 Break the mold

Sometimes it is a good idea to experiment, especially with materials. Getting rid of preconceptions or well established trends can sometimes add a lot of fun to the whole process and can result in a unique innovative style that best reflects your personality. For instance, the idea of combining a stone fireplace with wood panelling around might sound strange, but it could be made to work with a little imagination. At Aalto, our team of designers can advise you how to achieve a unique style by combining high quality furniture and accessories that best matches the layout and theme of your living room. AALTO Exclusive Furniture –  Sophisticated, hard wearing quality luxury furniture, for every room and the living room. Designed in Spain, manufactured in Marbella, deliverable worldwide.

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