30 Nov Choosing the right interior designer for your Spanish home.

Designing the interior of your dream home in Spain can be the most exciting experience if done with the right interior designer.



We believe that every home has its special atmosphere, its unique soul. At AALTO Exclusive Furniture, we don’t only specialise in designing and manufacturing furniture, but we can also give life to your Spanish home by making it soulful. We do it by designing it in such a manner that the home will speak to you in its own way. Furnishing your home is not always an easy task, though, especially when one chooses the wrong interior designer.

AALTO Exclusive Furniture can help you choose the right interior design for your home.

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Have An Idea Of What You Want

Doing your homework before getting together with the designer will make the process smoother from the start. Have a vision and throw in some ideas so that it will be your project as much as the designer’s. You may want to check previous projects that the designer has done in the past and pick those parts that appealed to you the most.

Don’t Consult Too Many People

Every designer wants to offer something better and something different from the rest. When consulting too many people you may only get more confused. If there is one thing for sure that you want to avoid, it is that after project completion, you are left with a feeling that some other designer could have done a better job.

Look for Someone Who Provides Turnkey Solution

The whole process of interior designing is quite complex. Before the quotation can be given we first need some design ideas and measurements, which will then be presented in 2D and 3D visualisation. When the quotation is approved the execution part comes into play. It involves: product manufacturing, keeping the entire process smooth by coordinating with suppliers, delivering, installing and many more. Ideally, you would like to look for a designer who takes care of all these under one roof. In this way you will consult only one single person for any query related to your project. If you assign too many people for your project you will have to spend a lot of time to get a project update.

We have prepared a few suggestions that should be considered when choosing an interior designer for your home:


If you have consulted a few people for interior designing, the first thing you need to check besides the quote is the material specification for each. Once this is done don’t just select the minimum quotation blindly. Sometimes the material specification and quality may be the same in all the quotations, but they will differ by the per square meter rate of the jobs and raw materials that are specified. If somebody quoted a rate, which is way below the market rate, then you know that there is something you need to question.


If possible, try to arrange a visit to any project that your designer has previously done or is under process. In this way you will be able to see the finished products that the designer delivers. Any exclusive furniture item only looks elegant if very detailed work is done on its finishing. A complete project will help you get an idea of how your designs will turn out to be once it is put into place.

Choose the One Who Leaves a Mark


You will probably see several designers for your project before you make a decision. But the right person will definitely leave a mark on your mind. You will feel connected to the designer who will draft a plan exactly the way you imagined your dream house to look like.

At AALTO Exclusive Furniture, we bring the light and soul to your home in the most inventive and creative way. Come, see us and let us design your dream home in Spain.

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