13 Apr Aalto, a blend of form and craft

Architects and others in the field of design have often spoken of the balance between form and function, or the need to create a harmony between an item’s shape and beauty (form) and its practical use (function). The ‘item’ can be anything from a house or a car to furniture, fashion or even everyday items such as staplers or corkscrews. The furniture collections designed and made by Aalto are created with this harmony of form and function in mind, but we go even further to ensure that creativity and craftsmanship are also the very best they can be.

You see, Aalto Exclusive Design, was born from this exact union of form and craft, as represented by lead designer and co-founding partner, José Antonio Flores, and Francisco Leiva, a specialist in the manufacture of luxury wooden furniture pieces. Don’t imagine a factory, but rather a boutique atelier or craftsman’s workshop where skilled artisans work to ensure that José Antonio Flores’ beautifully styled furniture and decorative pieces are also always finished to the highest levels of quality and precision.

It is for this reason that we feel confident to guarantee the durability, usability and lustre of our products, be it a bed, cupboard, table, chair or an entire wardrobe or walk-in dressing system made to measure for our clients and precisely installed by our technical teams. The Aalto Luxury Furniture Collection now features an exclusive line of over 80 unique items bearing a brand name that has a strong reputation in Spain but is also rapidly garnering international recognition – being already in vogue with top interior designers in London, Paris and the USA.

Having already developed into a one-stop multi-service international interior design studio that works on projects in Europe, the Middle East and North America, Ness Yammine recently joined as a third partner and added his international business expertise to skill sets at Aalto, with a clear mission to further expand the network of showrooms, design projects and collaborations with leading interior decorators and other professionals in the field. “We are very excited about what has come out of the blend of creativity and craftsmanship that is Aalto,” says Ness, “so visit our flagship showroom on the Golden Mile in Marbella and explore new possibilities in interior décor.”